High-precision laser processing workstation

Closed and ultra flexible laser workstation for automated laser processing

The EVO CUBE is a highly flexible and fully enclosed laser class 1 workstation that combines state-of-the-art laser technology and multiple high-quality laser processes in a single system. The system can be integrated with Diodeline and CW laser sources and fulfills many applications depending on the combination of laser source and processing head, including the most challenging industrial welding, cladding and cutting tasks.

CUBE Cladding application with powder nozzle and rotary axisThe flexibility of the EVO CUBE, which comes from the ability to utilize it as a welding or as a compact cutting system, makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications. In addition to laser welding, the CUBE can also be used for automated Direct Metal Deposition. This is where the innovation behind the EVO CUBE reveals its full potential for laser cladding applications that require cost-effective and high-quality laser processing of small or medium-sized components.

The system has a total working area of < 1.0 m2, which incorporates a granite table that affords excellent stability and can also withstand high loads. The intelligent design of the system allows crane loading of particularly heavy components of up to 1,000 kg. Moreover, the workstation is equipped with a high-quality, extremely precise 3-axis gantry system with a processing speed of 0.5-15 mm/s. Together, these features ensure that the EVO CUBE can meet the greatest challenges and most demanding tasks with maximum precision and consistent, reliable results.

All parameters are accessible via the 10“ touch display, with multiple options to adjust important settings that can also be stored directly.

The system is controlled by the APP SUITE, an unprecedented CAM environment for planning virtually all aspects of laser processing, providing optimal control for modern industrial processing.