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Laser Welding Systems EVO MOBILE


Advanced 3-in-1 Laser Welding System

Compact, mobile, open and ultra flexible laser welding system with axes and CNC for optimal welding results

The EVO MOBILE is an optimal solution for demanding laser material processing applications, such as tool and mold making, mechanical engineering and other sectors where high strength, precision and deformation free welding connections are needed. The system can be equipped with Nd:YAG or diode pumped laser sources depending on the requirements of the application and thus supports both laser welding and laser powder cladding tasks.

EVO MOBILE cladding application with powder nozzle The EVO MOBILE is a high-performing, flexible and mobile laser class 4 welding system that sets new standards for open laser workstations enabling large or small, heavy components to be processed. The system offers an easy to operate and practical solution through its integration of semi-automatic processing capabilities.

The unit’s flexibility comes from the fact that it can be utilized with different laser sources and processing heads, which means that the system offers welding, wire- and powder-fed cladding capabilities. (The latter requires a powder feeder and nozzle combination).

Once the machine is situated, the optics can be swiveled horizontically by 360° enabling more than 2m3 reach. The movement of the axis allows for long traverse distances and can be controlled via a joystick, which leads to a position accuracy of < 0.1 mm.

The productivity of the workstation is enhanced by the auto weld function which allows it to “learn” geometric figures and further process these surfaces with predefined welding parameters.

All parameters are accessible via the 10“ touch display, and there are many options to adjust important settings, which can also be stored directly.

The system is controlled by the APP SUITE, an unprecedented CAM environment for planning virtually all aspects of laser processing, providing optimal control for modern industrial processing.