Paladin Compact 355

Quasi-CW UV lasers are ideal for materials processing applications of moderate speed, stereolithography and inspection.

Quasi-CW UV lasers of medium power: 2W and 4W designed to optimally cope with customer installation/integration demands. Ideal for materials processing applications of moderate speed, stereo-lithography and inspection.

Air-Cooled, Modelocked, UV Laser

Paladin Compact 355-2000/4000
Power (W) Repetition Rate
120 MHz
2 Paladin Compact 355-2000 Air-Cooled
4 Paladin Compact 355-4000 Air-Cooled



Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)
Thin Film Scribing
Solar Cell/Panel
PC Board

Features & Benefits

Paladin Compact 355 comes in power classes: 2W and 4W. These models are a breakthrough in size, efficiency and cost of ownership.

The 4W version is the successor to the Paladin 355-4000, but is significantly smaller in size and requires only one pump diode. The use of a shorter resonator results in a higher modelocked/pulse-frequency (120 MHz instead of 80 MHz), and a reduced energy per pulse compared to longer Paladin models. Therefore, the Paladin Compact 355 potentially increases the lifetime of external optical systems without sacrificing the average optical power.

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