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Coherent Robolaser


Optimum performance for a wide range of laser applications

​Industrial manufacturing with maximum freedom, flexibility and utmost precision

The modular, 6-axis industrial ROBOLASER solution for processing metal parts offers the ideal combination of precise control, extensive reach, high speed and compact size at an extremely competitive price. The main areas of application for the ROBOLASER are those where high power laser capabilities are required, such as in the automotive, heavy engineering, scientific, shipbuilding and power sectors.

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The ROBOLASER line offers modular robot solutions tailored to customer’s needs. The flexibility of this robotic system is unmatched by any other machine on the market. Depending on the configuration of the ROBOLASER system, it can be automated and integrated for laser 3D cutting, welding, hardening or AM with laser blown powder applications.

ROBOLASER systems offer dynamic material processing capabilities for manufacturers and can be equipped with fiber or diode-pumped lasers. When high average output with intensities up to multi-kilowatt is important, the high power CW fiber lasers deliver enough power for even the most demanding tasks. A diode-pumped laser source is a more suitable choice for applications up to 600 W power.

The complex kinematic system of a robot is solved by the APP SUITE, a proprietary software solution, which offers customers complex 3D programming for almost any laser processing technology in a simple, efficient and convenient offline programming and simulation tool.

The holistic approach of Coherent takes all customer requirements into account to ensure the optimal solution, starting with analysis & consultation, through robot system design, set-up and development of initial processing parameters up to on-site integration and training of the system.

Optimum ROI is guaranteed with these fully programmable custom-built robot systems.