Thermal Smart Sensor AdapterThermal Smart Sensor Adapter
Thermal Smart Sensor Adapter

Thermal SmartSensor Adapter

Provides compatibility between thermal and optical sensors, and meters.

The Thermal SmartSensor Adapter (often referred to as an LM Adapter) provides compatibility between Coherent thermal and optical sensors (LM-model sensors), and the meters listed in the meter compatibility matrix.


Coherent Meter Compatibility

Thermal SmartSensor adapter allows operation of specific thermal and optical sensors with the following Coherent meters. These meters require the listed firmware level or higher.

Meter Firmware Item Number
FieldMate 1.02 1067353
FieldMax-TO 1.05 1058846
FieldMax-TOP 1.05 0012-3790
FieldMaxII-TO 2.01 1070873
FieldMaxII-TOP 2.01 1072788

1 The EPM2000 meter is not equipped to function wtih LM-2 IR, VIS, or UV.

Accuracy is ±2% in addition to adapter accuracy, syste accuracy depends on the stated accuracy of the specific meter and sensor being used.

Coherent Sensor Compatibility

Thermal SmartSensor adapter is compatible with the following Coherent sensors:

Sensor Item Number
Beam Finder 33-1215-000
LM-2 IR 33-0944-000
LM-2 UV 33-0951-000
LM-2 VIS 33-0936-000
LM-3 HTD 33-7931-000
LM-10 HTD 33-7923-000
LM-20 HTD 33-7907-000
LM-30V 33-0993-000
LM-45 HTD 33-7915-000
LM-80V 33-1017-000
LM-100B HTD 33-0472-000
LM-100E 33-1033-000
LM-100EB 33-4508-000
LM-100 HTD 33-7899-000
LM-100XL HTD 33-7881-000
LM-150FS HTD 33-7873-000
LM-200 HTD, 220 VAC 33-7840-000
LM-200 HTD, 110 VAC 33-7857-000
LM-200XLE 33-1108-000
LM-200XL HTD 33-7832-000
LM-1000 33-1116-000
LM-2500 33-1124-000
LM-5000 33-1132-000

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